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Cayuga White Wine

Cayuga White GrapesLiving in Upstate New York has given me easy access to the native grapes in the region. Of the native grape varieties, I have had excellent success with making wine from the Cayuga White Grape. I would highly recommend the Cayuga White Grape for home Wine Making!!

Cayuga White is the Upstate New York's great undiscovered white wine!

For the price (currently the juice is available to the home wine maker for about $6.00 per gallon in at vineyards Upstate NY), I believe that one would be hard-pressed (no pun intended) to get a deal for making a fine wine anywhere.

The Cayuga White Grape makes a soft, light fruity, crisp semi-dry (or dry) wine that is extremely palatable to most white wine connoisseurs. Often subtle flavors of apricot, melons, or peach can embody the wine . Reminiscent of "traditional", more well-know wines such as the Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, or a "light" White Riesling, Cayuga White makes a very nicely balanced, pleasant white table wine. It can be served with appitizers, or with any main course that you would serve a light-white wine with. Now—Why is that?

Originally developed in Geneva, New York in the late 1950's early 1960's, Cayuga White was first grown commercially in Upstate, NY in the early 1970's. An examination of the grape's heredity yields a complex ancestry; engineered to withstand the cold climates (down to -20 degrees F), yet artistically developed for its mellow, fruity taste. The Cayuga White grape is a cross between the Seyval Grape (also known as the Seyve-Villard) and the Schuylar grape. The Schuyler grape is a cross between the Zinfandel and Ontario Grape. As we all know, the Zinfandel grape is a "popular" red wine grape from the California Region. While, the Ontario grape is a cross between the Winchell and Moore's Diamond grape.

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